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Your conduct

Expectations of you

At Kings, we are proud of our safe and friendly learning community where everyone is equal. For it to stay this way, everyone must follow the same rules and behave well.

This section talks about our expectations of you, in the way you act (conduct or behaviour) and how well you follow rules (discipline), and what happens when you break these rules and your behaviour falls below expectations.

Classroom rules

Classroom rules help everyone be treated equally and make learning easier. During the lesson, every student should follow these simple classroom rules:

  1. Do not be late to class.
  2. Have homework ready for the start of the lesson.
  3. Always speak in English.
  4. Do not speak when the teacher or other students are speaking.
  5. Do not use bad language or be disrespectful in any way to the teacher or students.
  6. Do not eat or chew gum in the classroom.
  7. Do not drink anything other than water in the classroom.
  8. Do not damage any of the classroom furniture.
  9. Leave your classroom clean and tidy.
  10. Put mobile phones on ‘silent’ during the lesson.
  11. Do not use mobile phones or laptops in the lesson without the agreement of the teacher.
  12. Any student using a laptop, translator or mobile phone without the teacher’s agreement will be asked to give it to the teacher.
  13. Check you understand the homework before you leave the lesson.

If you would like to talk about any of these rules, please speak to the Director of Studies.

Do's and Don't's for students


  • go to lessons and be on time for all your lessons.
  • speak only English in your lessons.
  • finish all homework tasks that your teachers give you.
  • use all the learning and private study opportunities offered by the college.
  • use the college’s study and communication services (.e.g. Library, computers, networks, etc.) to help you learn.
  • take part in all classroom activities.
  • represent the college well.


  • be late for lessons.
  • miss lessons without permission from the college.
  • do things that stop or interrupt class activities or lessons.
  • bring food or drink into the classroom.
  • use mobile phones during the lesson.
  • smoke anywhere inside the college.
  • damage any part of the college area and building (e.g. drawing on walls, furniture and books, breaking equipment, misusing networks).
  • take college things from the premises without permission (e.g. Library CDs, books, etc).
  • litter or make a mess inside or outside the college.
  • bring alcohol, illegal drugs or weapons into the college.
  • speak or act rudely or disrespectfully to students, staff, host families or visitors to the college (e.g. racist, obscene, sexist or religiously offensive language or actions).
  • bully other students.
  • act in a way which might hurt others (students, staff, host families or the public).
  • act in a way which might damage the image of the college.
  • do anything which is against the law.

Rules for students

The College Rules make sure that everyone is treated equally and fairly. For that reason, all students must understand and follow the College Rules, below:

1. Academic conduct and lessons
1.1.    Be on time and do not leave the lesson without permission from your teacher or Director of Studies.
1.2.    Never cheat during any test or exam, or copy work that is not your own. 
1.3.    Complete all class work and homework given as instructed, accurately, professionally and on time.
1.4.    Do not behave in a way which disrupts class activities or lessons.
1.5.    Use only English in your lessons unless you have permission from your teacher.
1.6.    Be prepared to participate fully in class and in your self-study and independent learning.
1.7.    Do not sleep, place your head on the desk, place feet or legs up or lean back on chairs.
1.8.    Never miss lessons, workshops, or detention without permission from the Director of Studies. 
1.9.    Put your phone on ‘silent’ or ‘off’, on entry to the classroom and be prepared to give your phone or other personal technology to the teacher.
1.10. Do not chew gum or bring food or drinks other than water into the classrooms.

2. School/Residence/Homestay premises and property
2.1.    Smoking, including e-cigarettes, is permitted only in the designated outside areas.
2.2.    Do not cause litter or mess anywhere, inside or outside.
2.3.    Do not bring alcohol, drugs or weapons into the school, residence or homestay.
2.4.    Do not damage any part of the school, residence or homestay, including surrounding areas, equipment and buildings.
2.5.    Do not take or damage property which does not belong to you.
2.6.    Do not spit anywhere in or around the premises.
2.7.    If you are 16 and under, sign out of school when leaving the premises.
2.8.    Please use the internet and IT responsibly, according to the Student User Agreement.

3. General Behaviour and the UK Law
3.1.    Do not speak or act rudely or disrespectfully to students, staff, host families or visitors.
3.2.    Do not act in a way which might cause damage to school things or other people’s property.
3.3.    Do not bully others or act in a way which might hurt others.
3.4.    Dress in a way that is respectful to yourself and to others.
3.5.    Do not act in a way which might damage the school’s image or reputation.
3.6.    Do not break the UK Law in any way.
3.7.    Do participate in school excursions, visits, clubs and activities, following these rules
3.8.    Do not stay out past your curfew time in the evenings (under 16s: 10.30pm, 16/17s: 11.30pm).
3.9.    If you are under 18, do not travel outside the local area (over 10 miles from the school) without permission from the School.
3.10.  If you are under 18, do not drink or buy alcohol.

4. Accommodation (Residence and Homestay)
4.1.    Do not invite visitors to accommodation without permission from the host or warden.
4.2.    Do not create loud noise after 22.00 or before 09.00.
4.3.    Do not organise parties or allow guests to stay overnight.
4.4.    Ensure security by closing all windows, keeping doors locked, not giving out keys or key codes to anyone else and reporting any suspicious or unknown persons to the warden or host.
4.5.    Do not tamper with any safety equipment, such as fire alarms, smoke detectors, intruder alarms.
4.6.    Do not store food, dirty crockery, open food packaging or anything which is unhygienic in your bedroom.

So everyone understands how important good behaviour is, we have a Behaviour and Discipline Policy which explains the school rules and Ladder of Sanctions – the steps we follow if you break the rules.

Full details of Kings policies and procedures are available to view at:

Important rules


In British schools, colleges and universities, plagiarism (copying or using someone else’s work or ideas from an essay, a book or the internet) is a very serious academic crime. Plagiarism is:

  • using another person’s idea using exactly the same words;
  • using another person’s idea using your own words;
  • summarizing another person’s idea in your own work without showing who, when and where the idea came from.

Many colleges and universities and exam organisations now have technology to check whether this has been done. If you use anyone’s ideas other than your own, you must say whose idea it is and where you found it. Students who plagiarise will immediately fail courses or exams or may be asked to leave the college or university. Any Kings student who is found to be doing this may be asked to leave the college.


There are very strict laws on smoking in the UK. If you smoke, please read Living in the UK: UK Law for more information. It is important that you follow the Law at all times.

Smoking in college
If you smoke, you must smoke only in the Smoking Area. It is against British Law to smoke anywhere inside any college building. You must use the cigarette bins provided. It is against British Law to drop used cigarettes on the ground.


Any student who has been found to have been drinking alcohol when at college, or any student under 18 who has been found drinking alcohol at all during their course with Kings will be sent to the Principal and disciplinary sanctions may follow this.

Student Visas and the UK Visas and Immigration

If you have a Tier 4 student visa, you are required by law to attend your lessons at the college. The college is required by law and UKVI 2012 regulations to report poor attendance to the UK Government Visas and Immigration Body (UKVI). If you do not meet the minimum attendance required by the UKVI, the college must withdraw sponsorship. In this case you will probably have to find a new sponsor or you may have to leave the UK and return home.

Your attendance

Students at Kings are expected to come to every lesson. This should be obvious but we take it very seriously and it’s important you understand what the college will do if you don’t come to your lessons.

How does the college know?
We keep a record of every student’s attendance at every lesson and we calculate total attendance every week. (We are obliged by law to do this.)

What will happen if I miss a lesson?
If you miss a lesson, your teacher will record you as “absent”. This is added to your record and affects your average attendance.  You will also be contacted by a member of Kings staff to find out where you are.

What if I’m late for a lesson?
Arriving late disturbs the lesson for other students. You also miss important information. If you arrive late, your teacher will not normally let you come in and you may be sent to a self-study area. In this case you will be marked “absent”. Please report to the College Office and/or Course Director when you arrive.

What if I can’t avoid missing a lesson or being late?
Of course sometimes you may have to miss a lesson: you may be ill; you may be delayed; you may have something important to do outside the college. It will not normally be a problem if you miss up to 10% of your lessons, i.e. if your overall attendance is 90% or more.

Will I get a course certificate if I’m absent?
To receive a course certificate, you must attend at least 90% of your lessons. If your attendance at the end of the course is less than 90%, you will not receive a certificate.

What if my attendance is poor?
If we see that your attendance is poor, we will try to help you improve it. If it does not improve, we will apply disciplinary procedures. The end result may be that we require you to leave the college.

If you want to see the disciplinary procedures, please ask your Director of Studies.

What do I do if I’m late or sick?
If you are sick or are going to be late, call the college before the start of your first lesson. It is very important that you do this.

Unsatisfactory attendance
If your attendance is unsatisfactory, this is the procedure we will follow:

  1. We will try to help you improve.
  2. If your attendance is still unsatisfactory, we will give you three written warnings. If necessary, your parents or the person paying your fees will be sent copies of these.
  3. If your attendance is still unsatisfactory after the third warning, you will be required to leave the college.
  4. If you have a student visa, after any 5 consecutive days of unauthorised absence we will send a warning letter and contact the College Registrar.
  5. If you have a student visa, after any 10 consecutive days of unauthorised absence the College Registrar will send a letter to the UK Visas and Immigration Department. You may be required to leave the country.


If you have any questions about this, please ask the Registrar or your Director of Studies as soon as possible.

So everyone understands how important good attendance is, we have an Admissions and Attendance Register Policy which explains the information we record.

Full details of Kings policies and procedures are available to view at:

Breaking rules

Sometimes rules are broken. To help prevent this, Kings has a list of sanctions.

Sanctions are a way of showing that a rule has been broken and to help a student to change his or her behaviour. If rules are broken again, or behaviour does not change, the sanctions become more severe. A student who shows no plans to change poor behaviour may be asked to leave the college.

If you break one of the rules listed, here is a list of the sanctions that may be followed. They are in six stages, or ‘steps’. Please remember that if the cause of the rule break is very severe, the Principal may decide to start immediately at Step Five.

Step One
You will be asked to meet with an Academic Manager to talk about why you broke the rule. You will read a copy of the ‘Dos and Don’ts’ for students with the Academic Manager. The Director of Studies will check that you fully understand all the rules. You will be asked not to break the rules again.

Step Two
You will be asked to meet again with an Academic Manager to talk about the problem. You read the college rules together, and you will sign a letter that agrees the rule that you broke. You will then make a plan with the Academic Manager of how you will stop this behaviour, and agree a date to meet again to see if this has happened.

Step Three
If the Academic Manager feels that you have made no change in your behaviour by the date agreed in Step Two, you will meet with the Director of Studies. You will be asked to tell the Director of Studies why you are continuing to break the rule. You will now receive a ‘First Warning’ letter, which the Director of Studies also signs, that agrees you are continuing to break a rule, and that you may soon be asked to leave the college if this does not stop. You will also write down what you will now do to stop this. The Director of Studies must also agree that he or she is happy with your plan. The Director of Studies will then set a date to meet again to discuss if this has happened.

Step Four
This is the ‘Second Warning’. If the Director of Studies feels that your behaviour is not better, you will have a meeting with the Principal. The Principal will write a letter explaining how serious the problem is, and that you may soon be asked to leave the college, and that this may affect your Visa. A copy of this letter will also be sent to your parents, if they are the fee-payers.

Step Five
This is the ‘Final Warning’ Stage. You may be asked not to join classes and self-study in the college for one week while a decision is made. A letter is given to the student and to the student’s parents, where the parents are the fee-payers. This letters explains that the student will leave the college if there is any other example of bad behaviour.

Step Six
There is further poor behaviour and student is asked to permanently leave the college as soon as possible. This is called exclusion. If a student is excluded, UK Visas and Immigration will be contacted and the student may be taken to the airport to be sure they do not stay in the country.

So everyone understands the rules on behaviour and is treated equally, and bad behaviour is dealt with fairly, we have written a Behaviour and Discipline Policy.

We have a separate policy on Exclusion.

Full details of Kings policies and procedures are available to view at:

Exclusion: Student Visas and UK Visas and Immigration

It is important to remember how serious poor behaviour is for students. Being asked to leave the college will affect your Visa, and your right to stay in the UK. Even if you don’t have a Visa, any new college will ask for discipline and behaviour records, so you may have difficulty moving to another college.