University Preparation students
Living in a residence

General guidelines and advice

Living in a residence is a very good choice for someone who is older or prefers more independence. It is also a great way to meet, socialise and learn from other students. Here are some of the things that you will find in our student residences:

  • ensuite bathrooms for most residents
  • social areas where you can watch TV
  • indoor games
  • kitchens in some residences
  • breakfast and evening meal included in other residences

Our student residences are generally for all students over 18 years old, although we do have some residences for students aged 16 and over. We can advise you on the best residence for your needs. All residences are within easy walking distance, a bicycle ride or a short bus ride from the college.

Information for your residence

Every residence is different. Please ask for the information sheet about life in your own residence, which gives more detailed information about rules, services and safety. You can view accommodation factsheets here.

The Fire alarm

If you hear a long, continuous bell, you MUST leave the building immediately. It is an emergency. Do not stop to take your coat or bag or to find friends. Leave quickly and quietly from one of the fire exits. Go to the assembly area shown on the map in the Residence.

You will see red fire alarms around the residence. If there is a fire, push the glass in the red alarm box immediately. This will start the fire alarm bell. Exit the building and tell a member of staff.

If you have a phone, call 999 or 112.

Ask for the Fire Service. If you start the fire alarm accidentally, please tell a member of Residence staff immediately.

Requests or problems

The Residence Handbook and information sheets have lots of useful information and advice for residence students.

Our Residence Manager or Accommodation Officer checks each residence carefully, and tries to choose the best match for you. If you have any problems, please tell the Residence Manager or Accommodation Officer as soon as soon as possible so we can help.

Residence guidelines

Every Residence has its rules about what members should or should not do. It is important to think about other people’s needs and feelings and the safety of everyone. Here is some general information on how to enjoy your time living with the other members of the residence.

Please be sure that your bedroom door and kitchen cupboard is locked at all times. Please also make sure that the front door is always closed properly when entering and leaving the residence. Kings cannot be responsible for any personal items in the residence. If you do not know someone in the residence, it is okay to ask who they are and who they are visiting.

When you arrive, we will give you one key for your bedroom door which also opens the front door. You will also be given one key for the cupboard in the kitchen. Please carry your keys with you at all times.

Laundry and Cleaning
All bedding is provided but towels may not be. Your bedding will be changed and your room cleaned every week. Please make sure that your room is ready for cleaning and that your room can be opened.

Students can wash their own clothes using the launderette. There will be a cost for this. You will need to buy your own washing powder/ detergent. Please respect that others need to use the laundry, so please leave the room clean and tidy and do not leave clothes in the Laundry Room for long periods of time. Do not use the machines after 10.00pm.

The Bathroom
It is very normal to have a daily shower or bath. Many residence members will need to use the bath or shower at a certain time, so try to remember that other people also need hot water at busy times.

Internet service
Every Residence has a free wifi service. See the Accommodation Officer or the Residence Manager for the wifi code.

Noise at Night
Please remember that you share the building with others. If you come in late at night or leave early in the morning, please do this quietly. Please do not play loud music or make noise early in the morning or late at night. Your own residence information sheets will give the curfew for this.

All Kings residences are non-smoking. Do not smoke anywhere in the residence. If you do, you are breaking the law, and this will also start the smoke alarms. If you are a smoker, only smoke in the smoking area and put finished cigarettes in the bin.

You are welcome to invite a friend to the Residence, but they cannot stay overnight. Please tell the Residence Manager if you plan a visit from a guest. Your guest should leave the residence by 10.00pm. Make sure your visitor signs the Visitors’ Book when they arrive and leave.

Parties are not allowed in the Residence.

Some residences offer meals to the students, and others have kitchens for the students to use. If you have chosen to have meals made for you, please check when mealtimes are. Please tell residence staff if you have an allergy or special food request.

If you have chosen to make your own meals, please keep the kitchen clean and tidy at all times so that it can be used by other students. Please do not leave washing-up until the next day. Please throw away any food which is out-of-date and empty the rubbish bin regularly. Please do not eat others’ food. The water from the kitchen tap is drinking water. If you burn food, please remember that this may start the smoke alarm in the Residence.

Please note that if you lose your room key there will be a cost for a new one. When you arrive, you will be asked for a deposit to cover accidental damage. This will be given back to you when you leave if there are no problems.

There will be an official check-out time for the residence. Please give your key to the Residence Manager when you check out.

There will be a public phone in or near each residence.

If you are not sure about something, just ask the Residence Manager or Accommodation Officer.