University Preparation students
College life at Kings

Day to day college life

Lesson Start and End Times
Lessons can start as early as 8.40 and finish as late as 17.15 every day. Lessons are divided into sections called ‘periods’. Most lessons are normally 2 ‘periods’ long. Lesson periods are either 40 or 45 minutes, depending on your course.

Fire Drill
There is a regular College fire practice. When the College bell rings continuously, please leave the College quickly and calmly and go to the Assembly Point. You will be told where the assembly point is on your first day.

The College Noticeboard
The college noticeboard has a wide range of important information for students. Please go to the noticeboard regularly for important information on:

  • Activities and Sports Teams
  • College Trips
  • The College Forum
  • Local Events

The Student Forum and Council
If you would like to represent your course and are at the College for more than 12 weeks, then you can join the Student Forum or Student Council. This is a group of students who discuss student issues at the College. You will learn presentation, negotiation and discussion skills and you can make a difference to the student experience.

Signing In and Out
If you are a GCSE student or 16 or under and leaving college at any point during the school day, you must sign your name in the book provided. You must sign your name and the time again when you return.

The College Reception
Reception will be open every day and is an important part of the college for students. Please go to the Reception for the following things:

  • Visa renewal forms
  • IELTS Application Forms
  • Bank Letters and Oyster Card approvals
  • Any other questions

Learning Resource Centre or Library
The Learning Resource Centre is open every day to all students for quiet self-study, research, and to borrow books and CDs.

Academic calendar and extra curricular programme

College life follows a calendar organised on a termly basis. Outside the classroom you will have a variety of appointments and activities which will be a fundamental part of your programme.

Click these links for:

Sample Full Extra Curricular Programme offered at Kings Oxford

Academic term dates

Activities programme

There is a wide range of activities after College or at weekends. Please see the list of Activities, Clubs and Societies available at the College and speak to the Activities Manager for more information.

If there is something that you enjoy doing and you would like to start a Society, then please speak to the Activities Manager for more information.

If you are interested in local gym membership, click here for information about David Lloyd gym membership for Kings Oxford students.

College trips

Throughout the year we try to offer as many different excursions as possible. We use an external company called UK Study, who provide travel and accommodation for students who go on their trips. These places include London, Scotland, Bath and Stonehenge, Cambridge and many more. For European students they also offer excursions in Europe to places like Paris and Disneyland, Switzerland and The Alps, Germany and Poland, Amsterdam and Bruges. These trips include tours and, if staying over, weekend accommodation as well. Details of proposed trips can be found in your social programme or by contacting the Social Organiser in college.

Click here for PDF Social Activity Calendars