University Preparation students
Being part of Kings

The aims of the college

At Kings you will meet other students from many parts of the world in a constantly changing international community. At Kings you can make friends from all over the world and learn to see and understand the world from many new points of view. We believe that it will help you to get the most from this opportunity if you understand the aims and expectations of the college and its staff.

Kings is an international community. We also want it to be:

A learning community in which people

  • acquire new knowledge and understanding
  • enjoy the experience of learning

A tolerant community whose members

  • accept that people from different cultures may think, believe and behave differently
  • enjoy these differences and try to learn from them

A courteous community whose members

  • are proud of the cultures they represent but can adapt in order to get on with others
  • understand that others may judge their culture by the way they behave
  • want to be better communicators, within and between cultures

A generous community in which people

  • help one another to learn
  • understand that all learners have different needs which cannot all be met at the same time

A hard-working community where people

  • know that to make progress in learning they need to study
  • understand that they must take responsibility for their own learning

An ambitious community whose members

  • try to achieve the highest standards in everything they do
  • want to be better citizens of the world

We hope that you will share these aims and will want to work with us to try to achieve them.

Being different and equal

Kings Oxford is an international college that supports equality. This means that everyone is treated the same, has the same rights and power. This means it is not at all important what

  • gender (male or female)
  • age
  • sexual orientation
  • gender reassignment
  • marriage or civil partnership
  • ethnicity
  • race
  • nationality
  • disability
  • religion or belief
  • background
  • money

a person is, or has. At Kings we are very serious about equality and we believe that everyone should be treated the same, and therefore we ask that all students at our college see each other as equals.

Discrimination and fairness

Discrimination means making unfair judgements about someone based only on that person’s age, clothes, nationality or even hair colour! The UK is an international society. It is also a democratic society; this means that young people over the age of 18 have the right to vote and to ‘free speech’ which means they can give their opinions and beliefs freely. However, it is against the law to judge people by their gender (male or female), age, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy or maternity, race, nationality, disability, religion or belief or to encourage violence against others. In the UK, there are anti-discrimination laws to make sure that everyone is viewed and treated in the same way. There are similar rules here at Kings.


The students and staff at Kings have a variety of religious beliefs and some have no religious beliefs. Kings is a secular College, which means that we do not follow a single religion. We respect people’s right to choose, and we ask that you respect this too. Of course, if you would like a private place to pray in college, please tell a member of staff and we will help you.

Kings has a policy of Religious Worship. Full details of Kings policies and procedures are available to view at:


A disability means having a limit on an ability to do one particular thing, either physically (the body) or mentally (the mind). Sometimes a disability can mean having much more developed skills in other areas.

People with a disability are equally able to do a job, do sports, get married, have children or study, and in Britain there are laws to support disabled people’s rights.

At Kings we recognise that disabled students should have equal opportunities to learn and be educated. We also recognise, however, that other colleges may be able to help some students with special needs or disabilities better.

We ask that students who know they have a disability tell us before joining the college, so we can decide how to best help them.

Kings has an Equality Policy which talks about this in more detail. Full details of Kings policies and procedures are available to view at:

Special or additional educational needs

Some students may have special educational needs when they learn. Students with special educational needs may learn in a different way to other students. Sometimes it means a student will need extra or different help to learn something. Some special educational needs are very well-known and very common. In Britain, some students see words differently when they read or write (Dyslexia), or use numbers differently (Dyscalculia), or may often find it difficult to concentrate or listen for a long time when in class (ADHD). All of these students can be given the extra help they need by their college.

A student with special educational needs should tell us about these needs when he or she joins the college. If you feel you might have a special educational need, please speak to your Director of Studies, so we can better help you to learn.

Kings has an Additional Educational Needs Policy which talks about this in more detail. Full details of Kings policies and procedures are available to view at:

Want to talk?

If you feel that you are not being treated equally in any part of your daily life in the college or UK, please talk to the Welfare Officer.

Your voice

The UK is a democracy, which means everyone can give their opinion and views. At Kings too, every student is important to us. We value your thoughts and ideas. For this reason, you will be asked for your suggestions on how to make things better for students at Kings.

You can do this in the following ways:

The teacher or a member of college staff may ask for your views as part of a discussion during the lesson.

We may ask you to complete a survey. These surveys may ask you questions about your studies, your accommodation or your safety in college.

The Student Forum
The Student Forum is a group of Kings students that are a wide range of ages and nationalities. The Student Forum meets regularly in the college to discuss problems, changes or events in the college. The Student Forum represents all students in the college. Any student who has a suggestion for change in the college can ask the Student Forum to discuss it to decide if it’s a good idea.

If there is something you would like them to discuss, please go to the College Forum section of the college noticeboard, or email the Student Services Manager at your College.

The Forum has special responsibilities and will help make decisions, with the Principal and staff, about the college. They meet with the Principal and members of college staff to tell them their ideas. They will also plan and organise things for the students and in the local community, such as charity events and international celebrations for all the students in the college.

You can join the Student Forum if you are on a course of over 12 weeks. If you would like to be on the Student Forum, please speak to a member of staff.

We believe that students’ opinions and feedback are an important part of improving the college for everyone.

Full details of Kings policies and procedures are available to view at:

The suggestion box
If you have any suggestions on how to make life at Kings better, please use the college’s Suggestion Box. This is electronic: ask for more information at reception. If you prefer, it can be anonymous.

Talking to a member of staff

If you have a problem, members of staff such as the Student Services Manager, Welfare Officer, Accommodation Officer or Director of Studies are here to help you. When you speak to a member of staff about any problem you may have, you can ask to speak to them in private and keep the conversation confidential. Whenever we can, we will put those feelings and wishes first.

Sometimes, however, it is not possible and we may have to tell someone else. See Your Safety: Safety Inside College for when we might have to do this.

Taking part

As well as being a welcome member of the Kings community, you are a powerful part of many other communities, big and small, during your stay here.

Please remember that every member of Kings is also a member of the local community, the British community and, of course, the community of people around the world. We would like you to enjoy being a part of each of these.

We feel that there is a lot our students can learn from the UK and a lot that the UK can learn from our students. You may want to organise a global celebration and or help with a community problem.

If you have any ideas for a college event in the local community, or know about a project, charity or event in your country that you would like to tell the college about, we would like to hear from you. Please speak to the Student Forum or a member of staff such as the Student Services Manager or your teacher.

Solving problems

We work hard to make sure that students are happy at Kings. Most problems can be dealt with very quickly. If you feel you have a problem at the college, we have a series of steps (stages) below to help solve it quickly.

Step One
Speak to the correct member of staff for the problem as soon as possible, and explain the problem. If you prefer, you can tell a teacher. The teacher will then pass the information to the correct member of staff. This member of staff has 24 hours to give you an answer.

Step Two
If you are unhappy with the answer in Step One, you can speak to the Principal. The Principal will do his best to help you with the problem, and give you an answer within 24 hours.

Step Three
If you are unhappy with the Principal’s answer to your problem, you and your parents (if they are the fee-payers) should now write a letter or email to the Principal clearly explaining the problem.

Step Four
The letter will be passed by the Principal to the Board of Directors.

Step Five
When the letter is received by the Board of Directors, the Board has 7 days to reply with an answer. If you are unhappy with the Board’s answer to your letter, you and your parents (if they are the fee-payers) can now write a letter to an Independent Panel. The Panel is a small group of people who do not manage the college and will not have any information about the problem.

Step Six
The Independent Panel will contact you with their answer. At this stage, the process is finished.

We take your problems and complaints very seriously and will try to solve them as soon as possible.
Full details of Kings policies and procedures are available to view at: