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Welcome to Kings at Marymount California University

We are delighted to have you study here with us, and I think you'll find Marymount California University a perfect place to prepare for the rigors of university instruction and to acculturate you into the customs of American higher education. 

Our program has been created to ensure that upon your matriculation into your Pathway program at Marymount, you are well prepared and accustomed to the demands of the US education system. We not only address the scholastic aspect of learning, but also the building of relations within an international community. Thus, we encourage you to become a part of clubs and groups that would enhance your learning experience. 

The system of higher education in the United States may be complicated, but this complexity brings with it many advantages. You will have a variety of options when choosing your future institution, from city schools to rural schools, schools with chess teams, football teams, dance ensembles, and everything in between. With this variety, however, can also come some differences in the application process. I am here to help you decipher, and ultimately master, each school’s process. 

The college application process in the United States has many steps. Among other things, these steps will include:  

  • Choosing which colleges to apply to
  • Writing your personal statement and supplemental essays
  • Obtaining transcripts from your high school and Marymount California University
  • Asking your professors to write letters of recommendation
  • Taking standardized tests such as TOEFL, IELTS, or SAT and ACT

Along with the Marymount Advising team, I am available to meet with you at any time to discuss each step in the process. In addition, we will hold regular events and presentations that will help you get a better grasp on specific parts of the process.

We hope you enjoy your time at Kings and Marymount California University, we wish you all the best in your forthcoming academic undertakings, and we look forward to seeing you. 

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